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Lifelong Love of Learning - the desire to learn about and master one’s world is a gift that every child is born with.
Children, who’s seedlings of interest in their world are nurtured and protected, will grow into lifelong learners with a passion for knowledge and understanding. We strive to offer the child real experiences which builds their self-esteem and pride in their accomplishments. Also important to us, is the provision of developmentally appropriate learning opportunities. If an activity is neither too easy, nor too difficult, but rather offers just the right amount of challenge, it is inspiring and leaves the child wanting to experience more of the same.

Respect for the Natural World - we value the inherent connection between child and nature. We fill our learning environment with beautiful real and natural materials, and place importance on creating a space of beauty in which to work. We consciously spend time outside, exploring the wonders of the natural world and cultivating the child’s scientific mind which prompts them to learn through discovery.

Acceptance of Diversity - we recognize that every child is unique and has something special to offer our community. We celebrate our diverse personalities and strengths and work together to create a space in which everyone plays an important role. We build upon the trust that exists between the children and the adults in our space, understanding that relationships cannot be forced or rushed.

Appreciation for Culture and The Arts - we place a special emphasis on the development of creativity, artistic expression, and cultural appreciation. We use quality musical instruments that have been chosen for their beautiful tone and ability to develop the musical talent that lies in every child. We provide a variety of visual arts experiences, helping children to explore the differences
between each medium and express themselves in this format. We offer activities which expose children to the different cultures of the world, and begin the process of cross-cultural understanding in small ways.

Development of a Noble Heart - we believe that the capacity to care for and empathize with one another exists right from the start. We spend time consciously developing our ability to communicate in loving and compassionate ways. We understand that the development of character is a long journey with small conquests along the way and celebrate each small step that each child takes towards gentleness, sensitivity, grace and courtesy, and self-determination. We offer freedom to each child, within a structure that respects their right to independence and autonomy. We place the development of a sense of
community and family high on our list of priorities and see our program as offering something unique for the youngest of children, as well as the significant adults in their lives.

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