Monday, 4 June 2012

our favourite montessori inspiration

Kylie's How We Montessori is an amazing look at how the Montessori approach is used in the home. Caspar and Otis, her two young boys are captured in stunning photos and Kylie writes in a friendly and forthright tone. Great ideas for everything from sleeping, to weaning, the Montessori Way.

Meg from Sew Liberated, is a Montessori teacher, who is raising her two boys Finn and Lachlan and a sweet baby girl Sadie, in a gorgeous home that reflects the essence of the Montessori approach...Respect for the Child. Read about how she prepares their work and play environments. 

Kate, from An Everyday Story, is mother to two children...Jack and Sarah. She writes about using Montessori and Reggio in her home and has a fantastic introduction to Montessori which is an excellent place to start if you are new to the approach.

Janet, from Elevating Child Care, is a source of sensible, respectful and inspiring parenting advice. She is a RIE parenting educator, and blogs about the hard discipline, and the fun creativity. There are many similarities between the Montessori and the RIE approaches.

Aid to Life, is an initiative aimed at helping parents to understand and use the Montessori Approach at home with their young children. Lots of information about the importance of movement, facilitating communication, fostering independence and building your child's self discipline


  1. Thanks Meg for your kind words. These are my favourite blogs too. I get such inspiration from them. I am fortunate to have Kylie as my friend; she is a genuinely kind person. I really value Janet's advice too and often turn to her whenever I have parenting questions.
    Thanks again,

  2. My pleasure, Kate! I was introduced to your lovely blog via Kylie and have referred lots of people to your wonderful Montessori Introduction, informally. Just thought it was time to make it official!
    Meg :)

  3. Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for this!! It was exactly what I was looking for! Definitely going to
    share it with my readers!

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